Reviews & Testimonials for Top Manhattan Estate Attorney

“If you are looking for the best Trust and Estate Probate attorney in NY look no further.  I have to say these people know what they are doing. Inna is direct, smart, very courteous and listens to you before offering her advice.  I understand she has been in business for a very long time and she knows exactly what needs to be done.  Usually she turns things around in 2 week time so you don’t have to chase her around.  We did trust for myself and my kids and Inna did a lot more ancillary documents.  I called her several more times with questions and she was always available.  All the positive reviews out there are true and I am glad I met her. She is the best Estate planning lawyer in Manhattan and I Recommend her office highly you won’t be disappointed.”

  • Sabrina Mangual

“Great kind and compassionate Estate planning lawyer in NY.  Inna is very kind and takes personal care of each and every one of her clients.  When my family had a life changing event Inna offered her services totally free of charge and came to help my family even visiting us at home.  I can’t recommend her highly enough- best estate planning attorney in Manhattan NY”

  • Jackie B.

“I would like to recommend Inna Fershteyn as THE BEST Estate Planning and Asset Protection attorney in NYC!  She is courteous, polite, caring and a very down to earth attorney.  When I was looking for Elder care attorney, I googled “the best elder care lawyer in Manhattan” and her firm came up first.  She cares deeply about each and every client and she is very down to earth and “normal”.  She doesn’t think she is better than everyone else and she makes you feel at ease and not afraid to ask questions.  She has the most diverse clientele from every walk of life and very different backgrounds – she represents multi millionaires with multiple properties and regular people with few dollars in their pockets with equal passion and demeanor and never lets regular person feel unimportant.  Her down to earth demeanor and positive attitude make coming to her office a very positive experience.  I can honestly say that every client who came through her office will use her in the future.  I know I did, as it’s my second review in 3 years.  I recommend her highly and can only say – go have a consultation with her and you will know why she has so many great reviews.”

  • Natalia Berdakina

“Best Elder law attorney in NY!!!  Amazing experience very happy and recommend her office highly.  My husband and I needed to do Estate planning for my family and to appoint guardians for our minor kids.    I asked my friends for a recommendation and more than one person (already a good sign) recommended Inna Fershteyn as the best estate planning lawyers in NY.  I went online and googled her and found more than 30 amazing reviews under her name so I felt pretty good about the recommendations and decided to try her out.

From the minute I walked in to her office, I knew I was in the right place. Inna gave my husband and I the most comprehensive and informative consultation on Estate planning that basically gave us structure and peace of mind for the rest of our lives.   The consultation fee was very reasonable but Inna actually credited that entire fee towards our Trust work so in the end it was a free consultation for us.
Inna is not only brilliant at what she does she also takes time with you, and answers every question. I highly recommend you meet with her law office, and do all your estate planning work there.  And her prices are extremely reasonable.”

  • Alexandra Gordin

“Best elder law and trust and estate attorney in NYC highly recommended for all your trusts and wills and living wills questions. She is highly knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. She cares deeply about each and every client and does what she does best-helps you with your problems.”

  • Boris Yaguda