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NY Top Healthcare Law and Medicaid Fraud attorney Inna Fershteyn discusses medicaid fraud in NY, Russian doctors and medicaid fraud and various asset protection and estate planning techniques. Attorney Inna Fershteyn is also discussing the law of fraudulent conveyance and what can and can not be done to protect your property once you are sued.

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Closing of Russian Globe Program in NY City Public School PS 200 - Горький урок «школы мечты» (Novoye Russkoye Slovo) 

Attorney Inna Fershteyn was responsible for reopening of gifted Globe Program in PS 200.  She quickly organised parent protest, involved politicians and media to help her do so.  On Friday, at 8 o’clock in the morning, thirty parents were gathered at the door steps of Kolton’s office, NY assemblyman. The reason for such an urgent meeting was caused by the decision to shut down the Globe, the school for gifted and talented. Inna Fershteyn, the leader of the group, was denouncing the decision since it would have a negative impact on her and other children who have been attending this program. The program was reopened a week after Inna Fershteyn got involved.  The article appeared in Novoye Russkoye Slovo.

NOVOYE RUSSKOYE SLOVO publication about Inna Fershteyn June 16 2008, Part 1
NOVOYE RUSSKOYE SLOVO publication about Inna Fershteyn June 16 2008, Part 2

“Green Light” for the Globe Program in PS 200 - Гороно дает «зеленый» (Novoye Russkoye Slovo)

This is a follow up article on closing of the Russian Globe Program in PS 200.  Recently, the Department of Education decided to terminate the Globe, a program for unique and talented children who attend P.S. 200 in Bensonhurst. This program has been available for Russian speaking students for a number of years and has been proved successful. Thanks to attorney Inna Fershteyn, whose children attend the Globe, and other parents, the program has been saved and continues to educate our future potential lawyers and doctors.

NOVOYE RUSSKOYE SLOVO publication about Inna Fershteyn June 18 2008, Part 1
NOVOYE RUSSKOYE SLOVO publication about Inna Fershteyn June 18 2008, Part 2

Inna Fershteyn is inducted into the Encyclopedia of Russian America

Another candidate in the encyclopedia became president of the Russian-speaking women lawyers Inna Fershteyn.  She noted that the ERA will help immigrants to preserve the Russian language and cultural backgrounds.