New York Health Care Law Attorney

Law Offices of Inna Fershteyn provides counseling and representation of physicians and most other licensed health care professionals in all aspects of their professional practices. Practice clients range in size from individual practitioners to large groups and hospital and other institutional medical staffs.

Health care law attorney Inna Fershteyn offers representation in the following areas:

  • HIPAA and other privacy compliance.
  • General regulatory compliance, including billing fraud and abuse and restricted referrals.
  • Structuring professional practices and multi-specialty groups.
  • Operating, shareholder and similar agreements.
  • Breakups and dissolutions.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Purchase/sale of practices and facilities.
  • Medical building and equipment acquisition and leasing.
  • Establishment of Article 28 facilities.
  • Management service organizations and agreements and avoiding fee splitting and complying with Federal and State laws governing delivery of health care services and the corporate practice of medicine.
  • Nuclear, MRI, ultrasound, wound care, physical therapy and other diagnostic and treatment services.

Our Law Office also represents physicians and other licensed health care professionals in:

  • Anti-Kickback and Stark federal and state restricted referral laws and safe harbors.
  • Professional disciplinary actions by the OPMC and OPD.
  • Medicaid/Medicare.
  • Insurance and third party payer audits and investigations.
  • Managed care provider terminations.
  • Professional liability insurance surcharge and termination hearings.
  • Fraud and abuse actions, OPMC hearings.
  • Medical staff privilege proceedings in all applicable courts and forums.
  • Expanding services or forming and structuring groups or joint ventures.
  • Medicare reassignment prohibitions

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