Commercial Litigation

When you own or run a business, it's almost inevitable that, sooner or later, a business deal becomes problematic, or a supplier defaults on a contract – and your company finds itself in litigation. When that happens to you, turn to Law Offices of Inna Fershteyn P.C. will represent you in State and Federal court in New York and New Jersey.

Lawyers Fight Hard For You

We approach contested legal problems by first trying to resolve them economically, amicably and expeditiously, without going to court. However, if litigation is necessary and the matter does go to court, be assured that we are not afraid to fight: we will be ready and we'll work hard – with you on our team-- for a successful outcome.

Broad Experience, Expertise

Because of our broad and extensive experience in so many different areas, we are prepared to vigorously represent you in areas as varied as business and commercial matters, contract disputes, breach of contract, intellectual property, business fraud, bankruptcy, trademark infringement, real estate, and entertainment law. Whether you're doing business in New York, elsewhere in the United States or even internationally, we can assist you in all your New York related business matters.

Commercial Litigation Trial Attorneys

Unlike many corporate lawyers who never go to court, we have the extensive litigation experience necessary to give you the confidence that we WILL get the job done FOR YOU. We will work with you and draw upon our trial experience to present a convincing case in court. Our habitual preparedness for trial, our diligent work for our clients, our thourough knowledge of the law, and our genuine care and concern for our clients has earned us the respect of the judges before whom we appear.

Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you and your business. Contact us today for all your commercial litigation needs.