Immigration Law Article

The Immigration articles discuss the legal aspects of the immigration process. There are myriad concepts that are involved when it comes to obtaining a temporary visa, naturalization, or citizenship. In order to achieve the desired results, an assistance of an attorney is a necessity. Inna Fershteyn, a well-known lawyer, will help you choose and apply for a potential visa, fill out required documents for citizenship, or help you bring your family members to the United States.  

Deportation and Removal Proceedings

Removal proceedings are the deportation of non-citizens who the government believes are not entitled to stay in the US, or to keep out individuals who do not have a right to enter the US . There are certain conditions which allow a person to avoid being deported.

Appeals of Immigration Decisions

If your application is refused, the Notice of Refusal will be provided to you, outlining the reasons for refusal. It will also state whether or not you have a right to appeal and time limit within which you must submit your appeal. In this case, you might need an assistance of an expert, we will help you construct a competent immigration appeal.

Political Asylum

Political Asylum could be granted to individuals residing in the U.S. and who are unable or unwilling to return to their native country because of persecution or fear of it. We will help the client to win the case and be granted an asylum, which will allow the client to live and work in the United States.

Battered Spouse Petitions

If you've become a victim of domestic violence committed against you by your citizen/greencard holder spouse, you may qualify for permanent residency even if you are separated from your citizen/greencard holder spouse and he/she is not willing to cooperate to help you to exchange your temporary greencard for a permanent one. Our office will help the client to collect necessary evidence in order to prove that the client qualifies for battered spouse provision.

Green Card through Employer

An immigrant is a foreign national who has been authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. If you want to become an immigrant based on the fact that you have a permanent employment opportunity in the United States, or if you are an employer that wants to sponsor someone for lawful permanent residency based on permanent employment in the United States, you must go through a multi-step process.

Student Visas, Exchange Visas

Applying for student and exchange visas is a long process that requires myriad documentations and filling out of applications.

Family-Based Petitions

The family based petitions permit certain aliens to become U.S. permanent residents or U.S. citizens through family relations with U.S. green card holders or U.S. citizens. Our objective is to assist the client in avoiding filling mistakes and know what to expect at USCIS Service Center during the I-130 Form processing.

Preparation and Representation at the immigration Interview

Immigration interview is an important event in an individual's life, which determines if he/she will be granted permission to immigrate to another country. Our office will help the client prepare the necessary documents and represents the client at the immigration interview.